# Overview

PRESENTA Lib is a javascript library that generates web presentations from config objects.

It's opinionated and it comes with sensible defaults with extensibility in mind.

It enforces some presentation and communication principles, therefore, you need to worry about mainly of your content.

# The gist

To give a rought idea, this code:

new Presenta('#wrapper', {
      textVar: 'title',
      colorVar: 'alt',
      text:`<h1>Hello <b>there</b></h1>
<p>This is a <high>scene</high> that contains a 'text' <mark>block</mark>...</p>`

creates this single scene:


Any presentation can be experienced in fullscreen mode, simply click-to-focus on each one and type ƒ to toggle it.

PRESENTA Lib is a config-driven presentation library, thus, it requires a serializable object.

This is on purpose, to facilitate interoperability, data transformation as well as fostering novel tools to create presentations.

As an example, this bare-bones markdown-to-slides editor requires a little data transformation before feeding the library:

Live Edit!

When you see that white code pane, you can live-edit.

Or, creating a data-driven presentation just requires... the data:

# Motivation

There are many presentation frameworks and libraries out there, so why another one?

Motivations come first from the struggle of using legacy tools (PPT, KEY, GSlides):

Then, the desire to create something that incorporates, as much as possible, efficiency and best practices to let people work on the important part: the content.

But differences and personalizations are important. There's also a will to not lock-in too much, trying to allow customizations and experimentations.

The fine balance between sensible defaults and customization is the actual goal of the library, which is still in progress.

Furthermore, we believe that presentations can be different, more expressive and engaging than a typical sequence of pictures.

# Principles

  • Content is king
  • Less is more
  • Automate where possible
  • Save people time
  • Done is better than perfect
  • Slides aren’t speaker notes

# Architecture

A PRESENTA Lib document contains a list of scenes that can be displayed one at a time. Each scene contains one or more block of content. The scene is responsible to keep blocks together. A block is the minimum unit that renders a specific content from a given config object.

PRESENTA Lib is designed to be extensible by using external plugins. Currently, there are three types depending of the function you would add:

  • Blocks (content and media)
  • Modules (scene extensions)
  • Controllers (router controllers or global capabilities)

# Inspirations

We stand on the shoulders of giants, PRESENTA Lib is no exception.

Credit where it's due. The library design has been inspired by several other projects.

The idea of having a serializable config object as a single entry point as a means to foster further developments and integrations comes from the Vega project(opens new window) .

The idea of having an expressive plugin system comes from bespoke.js(opens new window) .

The idea of having an intelligent conversion from raw data to great defaults comes from Deckset(opens new window) .

The CSS transition system has been heavily inspired by Vue.js(opens new window) .

Last but not least, presentation theorists such as Duarte(opens new window) and Reynolds(opens new window) provided a lot of insights on choosing the design defaults.