# Toast Module

This module adds a little and handy toast message to scenes.

# Usage

You can configure the module globally or within each specific scene config:

  toast: 'Hey! This is my message'

Further options can be added:

          text: 'Hi... here a mini toast tip!',
          enter: 'click', // wait for click
          exit: 3 // last 3 seconds
        type:'text', text:'<h1>Hello</h1>'
Option Description Default Values
text The text you want to show witin the tip String
enter The enter mode option: 'click', 'keychar', 'integer' String/Number
exit The exit mode option: 'click', 'integer' String/Number
Style Description Default Values
toastPosition The position of the message String

# Enter/Exit options

Without enter the element will enter immediately.

Without exit the element won't exit at all.

Using click will trigger the enter/exit by clicking on the whole scene area.

Using a keychar such as a, b the enter will be triggered by a key press event.

Using an integer number, the enter will wait that amount in seconds, the exit will last that amount in seconds.

In any case, clicking over the toast element will make it exit.

# Installation

Please read the installation istructions for official plugins here using this unique identifier: module-toast

You can find the source code in its repository(opens new window) .